Connectivity, Design, and Consumer Experience Were the Main Topic of RoadMap

Connectivity, Design, and Consumer Experience Were the Main Topic of RoadMap

Business, technology, and social media sites founders gathered for the second annual RoadMap conference to exchange ideas and discuss the importance of connectivity and the future of the Internet. The creators spoke about their products and their vision of the future when it comes to technology. At the hearth of the discussion was the importance of simple and smart design. Many of the creators argued that intuitive user experience will be the main factor that will make connectivity more human.

Most of the startup founders argued that technology on its own is not going to make an impression on consumers if it comes short on design. “Now we are embracing our creativity more,” said Perry Chen, the CEO of Kickstarter.  He pointed out that creativity is fueled when it can be shared. “Designers are becoming more prominent figures to audiences now. Artists can communicate to users and whether a person is a filmmaker or a designer, the focus is on the community. Kickstarter is all about trust,” he said. Perry also stressed on the fact that he wants the company to stay small, but to do great things. “We would never want to sell this company,” he concluded.

Another interesting speech was that of John Maeda, the president of Rhode Island School of Design. He pointed out that designers give feelings and a good design doesn’t need technology, just ideas. Maeda described a period in his life when he was all about creativity. “I got lucky because I discovered this thing called design, which is all about ideas. I stopped using computers and this was the best time of my life, but then my typography teacher told me to do something ‘young’ with myself and I went back to computers,” he joked about his young years. Maeda also argued that creative people often aren’t comfortable being leaders, but design and technology have to go together with leadership. He concluded that making a difference means a lot to him.

All of the speakers at the conference had their own unique ideas and points of view. Among the most interesting were also Stefan Olander - VP of Nike - who demonstrated how gadgets attached to our bodies enable us to track our physical activities and plans, Katia Beauchamp - Co-founder of Birchbox -  who spoke about more personalized retail experience, and Ben Silbermann - Co-founder and CEO of Pinterest - who explained how Pinterest is different from other social media. “Facebook and Twitter are about what you are doing at the moment. Pinterest is about what you want to do in the future. It’s all about planning to visit that place, to cook that recipe,” he said.

It was a very interesting day with so many creative minds at the same place. The conference ended with the words of the founder and senior writer for GigaOm: “The Internet of tomorrow is about unique experiences.”

November 13th, 2012


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