Marketing Trends for 2013

Marketing Trends for 2013

Marketing is a business that changes quickly. Thanks to the popularity of the social media, trends are evolving every day and now companies have acquired more conversational approach when it comes to catching the attention of the individual consumer. In the upcoming 2013 this rising trend will continue. In addition, some experts in the field are trying to predict some new trends that will be important for the new year.

When it comes to managing marketing budgets, a survey shows that email, social media and mobile will be top priorities. Most marketing executives report planning to increase their marketing budgets on email campaigns. An increased budget for search marketing is also in the plans for 2013.

Email campaigns will still focus on social media, but 50% of the marketers plan to focus on subscriber engagement and almost 65% report plans to integrate email and social media.

When it comes marketing in social media, Facebook remains the most popular and targeted tool with Twitter coming closely after. Awareness building, customer loyalty and reach to new audiences are some of the tactics that marketers will concentrate in the process of building a brand.

The increased ownership and usage of mobile devices hasn’t been unnoticed by marketing professionals. Mobile apps, mobile advertising, location-based marketing and SMS alerts are all expected to increase in 2013.

The study, however, did not take under consideration that there is a possibility of a sudden emergence of a complete new social media channel. Only time will show how exactly 2013 will be different of 2012.

December 18th, 2012


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