Mind the Bridge

Mind the Bridge

At the Mind the Bridge Winter 2013 demo day in San Francisco, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs presented their projects. The startups at the demo included Atooma, In3D Gallery, map2app, badseed, Weendy, and Myze.

Before the presentations began, Tom Draper from Draper University discussed the school for innovators that he founded in order to educate and help talented and driven entrepreneurs in their rode to success. Draper stressed on the social value of entrepreneurship, arguing that in order to be a successful entrepreneur one has to have a vision and a higher goal to improve the status quo. The best entrepreneurs strive to change things that are wrong or haven’t been working well.

Draper expressed his belief in hands-on, street-smart education. “It is important to know how to survive in the real world and that’s why we change the rules to everything. You thought you knew the rules of a certain game? Well, we change them in a way that even basketball doesn’t have to be played always with one ball” he said arguing that this is the kind of attitude that leads to success.

During the presentations, there was plenty of the attitude that Draper described. Everyone presented with a high level of enthusiasm and one of the best opening lines in a pitch belonged to one of the founders of Myze, an app designed to maximize credit card rewards. He began with explaining how he came up with the idea for the app while in a movie theater with his wife. “Before the movie started, there was a sign on the screen saying that some of the people in the audience didn’t pay for their tickets. They used discounts offered by American Express. There were two reasons why that made me angry: first, I had an American Express card; second, I didn’t know about any discounts.” Then the idea for an app that lets users maximize the value they get from a credit card was born.

In3D Gallery empowers creativity and allows the user to build a 3D virtual space. It is a great service for photographers, painters, or anyone who values the visual beauty of presentations.

The rest of the presentations were also interesting and attention-catching because of the innovative ideas they incorporated.

The event ended with coffee and some more networking.  

March 26th, 2013


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