Save your Brand from Having a Multiple Personality Disorder

Save your Brand from Having a Multiple Personality Disorder

Now more than ever brands have the ability to target their audiences through many different channels and it seems like creating a brand identity should have become easier. Digital convergence and electronic media, however, sometimes make it hard to keep a company’s voice consistent causing many brands to face the risk of suffering from a multiple personality disorder.

Inconsistent messaging is one of the worse things for a brand’s identity, because it can destroy credibility. Here are some tips to help unify the voice of staff members and benefit from the new reality of using multiple networks.

1. Educate your employees on brand’s vision and values. A multi-channel communication such as video and podcasts will help educate staff members about the company’s identity. These means of communication usually work better than just written words and will ensure that employees understand company’s values, vision and mission.

2. Build a team of brand advocates. Find some employees among your staff members who are interested in digital marketing so they can spread the word in social media. Most brands now understand the importance of strong social media presence and employees with such abilities are a strong asset. Just make sure that they keep the company’s voice and messaging consistent.

3. Sometimes a business has multiple brands and different target audiences. If your business is one of these, it is important to segment if you want to direct the right messages to the to the intended people. If your messaging is irrelevant, you lose the chance to engage the right audience.

4. Don’t be afraid to be imperfect and take risks because otherwise you might be perceived as boring. While you may strive for perfection, it is really hard to achieve so make sure that you do your best and preserve a fresh approach at the same time.

March 26th, 2013


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