What Marketing Professionals Need to Know

What Marketing Professionals Need to Know

Marketing professionals now go above and beyond to ensure their clients’ visibility in social media like Facebook and Twitter. But with the ever changing sites and consumer tastes, marketers never before had to adjust so quickly. Because of the fast evolving world of social media, customers tend to have a short attention span and it’s becoming harder to keep their focus for a longer time.

To ensure their clients’ success, marketers have learned to quickly adjust to new trends. A research has shown that certain strategies work better and manage to engage customers and fans more than others. So what are some of the best attention catching practices? Although it might be slightly different for each company depending on its type of audience, there are some patterns like optimal posting times on Facebook, types of contents, calls-to-action practices, and certain words and phrases that marketers opt for.

It turns out that the best time to post on Facebook and Twitter to get some interaction is on the weekends, not on the weekdays as it was previously believed. To accommodate this need, however, will mean that the working hours of marketing professionals have to change. In addition, the best time of the day to post is actually at night - between 8pm and 7am, when people are not working. When it comes to content, shorter posts tend to do better than longer ones. For example, posts containing 80 characters or fewer receive 23% higher more interactions than wordy posts. Photos, however, remain most successful as people like to look at images.

Very effective is also the practice to ask fans to perform a desired action. For example, when people are asked to “like” or “share” a post, they usually comply. In addition, asking fans to comment, usually increases the comment rate 3.3 times. The reason of this obedience is unknown.

If marketers follow these guidelines, they can increase the visibility and interaction level between clients and fans. It will be interesting to see how these trends evolve over time as in today’s social media world, nothing stays the same for too long.

December 7th, 2012


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