We don’t have a formula. We appreciate that each client is different. So we offer each of them a process and an approach that is personal and appropriate.

We treat every client as a new relationship. We take the time to thoroughly understand and analyze your company, product, and mission. We recognize your needs, and structure ourselves to fit seamlessly into your team. We then develop a daily process and marketing strategy that is tailored to your company and your specific business objectives.

We have worked with a variety of clients, executed a series of unique marketing strategies, and succeeded in a diverse range of industries. However, no client was the same, and thus no study was the same. The only similarity is our process and our approach.

  • Covered Co. was instrumental in helping ICHC break into the mainstream primarily through the Lolcats event, which generated a charity donation as well as multiple pieces of press coverage in TechCrunch and Wired.
    — Ben Huh, CEO & Founder of The Cheezburger Network
  • Covered Co. provided the catalyst for our user groups - Atlassian now has over 90 user groups around the world.
    — Jon Silvers, Director of Audience & Community Marketing at Atlassian
  • Covered Co. helped WhatsApp develop a broad-based global communications and marketing plan. Julia brought her industry experience as well as keen strategic thinking to help drive us and challenge us to build the best plan possible
    — Brian A., Cofounder of WhatsApp