Eppraisal needed a marketing plan for user acquisition. Funnel conversion analysis, overall site design - UI/UX, website content, messaging and all the necessary steps in-between - were produced by CoveredCo. in an intensive workshop.

Eppraisal’s location in Orlando made it difficult to incorporate the web 2.0, Silicon Valley expertise and best practices into its website. Eppraisal’s technical developers created valuable software, but the interface needed an overhaul. Covered Co. was hired to fix this problem.

The Covered Co. team flew to Orlando to conduct an intensive two-day workshop with Eppraisal. The first part of the project was spent walking through the application, inside and out. Recommendations were outlined and a new UI was created. A six-month plan was written by CoveredCo. - “it started with a focus on modules, breaking the data up so that it was not one massive data dump on the screen.” CoveredCo. taught that engaging the user little-by-little would foster a lasting appeal, because everyone coming to the site is inevitably looking for different things. The data was reworked and presented in a more clear and concise manner. Visits to the site were tracked, and within two months of rolling out the new interface and implementing the plan, page views had nearly doubled.

We literally flew the Covered Co. team in, they turned everything around and then we flew them out, it was quick! Like a ninja. It wasn’t some massive engagement, all Covered needed was a few days to write up a plan for us that worked.
— Damian Scott, Founder