I Can Has Cheezburger (ICHC)

Covered Co. implemented an aggressive strategy of encouraging ICHC users to build a virtuous circle, supporting and empowering users, connecting users with syndication efforts, and generating awareness and momentum in the press and media.

Covered Co. assisted ICHC in building a cohesive platform with syndication of emotionally-compelling, user-generated content. In order to attract the needed attention, Covered Co. developed and produced a Lolcat art show for ICHC users to connect and interact on a personal level. All messaging, speaking points, venue, invites and day-of logistics were handled by Covered Co. Media outreach and coverage were carefully integrated into the show to uncover ICHC’s corporate identity and messaging to users.

Covered Co. was instrumental in helping ICHC break into the mainstream primarily through the Lolcats event, which generated a charity donation as well as multiple pieces of press coverage in TechCrunch and Wired.
— Ben Huh, CEO & Founder of The Cheezburger Network