Playcraft Labs

CoveredCo helped Playcraft Labs build a strong presence on social and traditional media. A consistent messaging strategy and an organic marketing approach were keys to Playcraft's strong and successful launch.

Playcraft Labs is a complete 2D Game Engine that utilizes both HTML5 and JavaScript. As a charismatic startup with a strong product, they needed help finding a market position, gaining visibility, and building a game developer community.

In an already crowded market, CoveredCo was able to help Playcraft Labs gain over 2,500 sign ups for the beta launch and foster a community of over 600 game developers and followers on Twitter. Guiding Martin Wells, founder and CEO, through several events led to a strong growth of awareness and coverage in several publications such as TechCrunch.

CoveredCo designed and built Playcraft’s website and logo in addition to promotional items like flyers and t-shirts. The company also developed the messaging around the game engine as well as the voice that would later engage hundreds of developers on social media. CoverdCo guided Playcraft Labs through several interviews and conferences and organized a developer event towards the end of the beta stage of the engine. Through beta, leading up to the open beta release, CoveredCo executed several social media campaigns, such as “Playcraft Indie Game of the Week” and “Playcraft’s Pre-launch Game Reviews,” that engaged and supported the indie game development community. The #PlaycraftBetaDev community became so strong that during the beta stage, developers would not only report bugs, but would also submit their own coded solutions for them.  

CoveredCo Programs Utilized: Company Messaging, Media Relations, Social Media Engagement, Conference Guidance, Event Hosting, User Group Relations