Preseeding the Social Media Era, CoveredCo. consolidated the monetization market of Facebook and established Social’s brand as an industry authority. CoveredCo.’s events and roadshows for helped them acheive Series A and B funding, which led to a successful acquisition by was a social advertising platform that utilized the social network to monetize the Facebook marketplace and its social applications. As a relatively young market, CoveredCo. recognized that the strongest approach was to leverage the expertise of’s executive team and focus on educating the industry. CoveredCo. organized events, bootcamps, and road-shows that established the executive team as industry experts, strengthening the brand’s credibility. We continued to manage’s brand authority by focusing the messaging around the brand and hosting specialized events such as ‘Social Media University’ and ‘Social Media Business School’ that were specialized for developers.

Covered Co. went above and beyond our greatest expectations, would not have been the same without them.