Conference Guidance

Based on our experiences, we find the right conferences for you and guide you through the entire process of creating and delivering your message in the most powerful and efficient way.

We have extensive past experience in identifying the most valuable and appropriate conferences for your company. To make sure that your company’s message will be powerfully delivered to your target audience, we will prepare you with a strong presentation as well as guidelines on common questions and important talking points. We will help you understand what to expect at each conference and provide you with the proper set of marketing tools that are most appropriate for your target audience. We maximize the benefit of your presence by helping you network, stay on task, and introduce you to important personal contacts.

Not only do we guide you through the entire conference, but we provide you with feedback and analysis that will help you with any future conferences. Additionally, we manage and follow up on all your new contacts and leverage them for strategic partnership opportunities.

We specialize in product launches, customer appreciation, user forums, partner forums, industry conferences.

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