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About Us

We care about you.

CoveredCo is a full-service marketing firm that specializes in helping companies position their product, manage their brand, and develop relationships with strategic partners and consumers.

Founded in 2007, CoveredCo has worked with over 50 different companies such as Atlassian, Dropbox, ICHC, and Whats App. Our experience includes helping Dropbox create the voice and brand they still use today; establishing as an industry expert with a prominent speaker series; and developing StylePage’s community of over 50,000 followers on Twitter.

We believe that a company’s ability to succeed is intrinsically linked with its ability to demonstrate value and articulate authenticity. We have a selection of different programs that address each aspect of marketing, but our belief molds a similar approach to each of them. We help clients identify their voice and their go-to market strategy. We help clients translate that voice and their mission through clear and consistent company messaging across all appropriate media channels.



We care about you.


We partner with the most outstanding talent in the design, photography and branding industries to deliver our clients with the best marketing exposure available.

We have built lasting relationships with designers, photographers and branding experts who are able to give your product the attention it deserves. We would like to show you a few of our favorites.


We don’t have a formula. We appreciate that each client is different. So we offer each of them a process and an approach that is personal and appropriate.

We treat every client as a new relationship. We take the time to thoroughly understand and analyze your company, product, and mission. We recognize your needs, and structure ourselves to fit seamlessly into your team. We then develop a daily process and marketing strategy that is tailored to your company and your specific business objectives.

We have worked with a variety of clients, executed a series of unique marketing strategies, and succeeded in a diverse range of industries. However, no client was the same, and thus no study was the same. The only similarity is our process and our approach.



We construct our marketing plan around your business and product goals. CoveredCo believes in fast problem solving and we use strategies that attract the right developers, investors and customers.

Our approach to All Things Marketing helps us keep the message consistent. Our connections to traditional and social media ensure the success of the creation of your brand. We also actively participate in the creation of your website and help with any speeches for events. Because we are born problem solvers with extensive marketing backgrounds, we’ve got it all covered.


Be Known, Be Loved, Be Different

Finally, a full-service marketing firm that listens and grows with you.

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We believe in complete transparency and problem solving.