User Group Relations

CoveredCo chooses the best and most relevant developers to participate in a user group and gives them the opportunity to meet and discuss about your product. This increases the word-of-mouth marketing of your product.

CoveredCo organizes user groups to better promote your product. Our organic approach to finding participants for these user groups ensures the visibility of your company and product. Unlike other marketing firms that just invite random people to take part in a user group, we carefully select only participants that are genuinely interested in your product. We talk to developers about the product and practically build an entire community around it. We organize events where we give the opportunity to this new community to get together and discuss about your company. This way we make sure that all participants have previous knowledge about your company and is interested to learn more about your product. The result is increased word-of-mouth marketing, increased demand, and a better understanding of your product.

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